Outsourcing Content: What’s the Big Deal?

3 min readJun 4, 2021


BUSINESSES ACROSS THE BOARD are beginning to realize that operational excellence and excellent customer relationships alone are not going to get them to the place they want to be. In today’s world, standing out means that it is not enough to just be good at what you do, you should be just as good at signaling how good you are at what you do, to the right people.

This might sound simple enough, but look beneath the surface and you will find that this ‘signaling’ requires you to publish a steady stream of high-quality, error free, SEO optimized content. Sounds a bit overwhelming, doesn’t it? Content marketing is not for the faint of heart and having a sound content marketing strategy has been proven to be an integral part of building meaningful engagement over social media.

Given how daunting it can be, one of the most popular solutions to addressing the content marketing conundrum is to outsource it to experts, who will ideally take the burden of your back in figuring out a custom strategy that would work for you and your brand. But then outsourcing, if not done correctly, will end up doing more harm than good.

Here at BeeSpoke, we firmly believe in the merits of outsourcing and have come to discover a whole host of reasons as to why outsourcing works best in the current marketing climate.

Effective Writing

It is not difficult to identify, distill and eventually work with talented writers out there. Given the different kinds of writers you are likely to run into, there are plenty who specialize in content writing alone, and can draft top quality, SEO optimized, blogs, articles and other content tailored to your needs. Quality writing that not only speaks to your audience but also maximizes exposure is one of the primary reasons that makes outsourcing an attractive proposition.


If you are a business that is either just starting out or operate in a volatile industry where short-term cash flow crunches are eternal, then it might make more sense to opt for an outsourcing model. Having an in-house team requires you to commit to fixed expenses, which can be disastrous if you have a runway that is always under threat of running out within a year. With outsourcing, you possess the ability to dial your expenditure up or down depending on how much cash you are able to spare.

Cost Effective

Having an in-house team also means that you will have to shell out money for assets, benefits etc. that enable them to do their work. These expenses can make having an in-house team an expensive proposition, something that not all businesses can afford. Outsourcing on the other hand is a precise and exacting engagement where you will not have to worry about any expenses apart from the core service itself. This makes it a cost-effective alternative as you always only pay for what you are getting.

Content Marketing is here to stay and will only get increasingly more relevant as we move to a world where internet penetration is tending to 100%. With such vast potential, outsourcing should make up a portion of your marketing strategy, if not all of it.

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